Oliver Bunting .co.uk


In the near future, I will continue to develop this site until it is ready for launch, by then I hope to have a 'Services' page where I will offer some select skills that I can provide; for a while, my prices will be extremely low just so that I can grow my customer base and draw more people in whilst covering site upkeep costs. 

I hope to launch on the 1st of September so please don't forget to subscribe to my email announcements!

Since early 2017 I have been making content in one way or another, I began on YouTube which was great fun but was taking up too much time. I then moved to try more digital art and graphic design which led to making websites which I love! Some of my other websites are for my other hobbies; photography, drawing and a portfolio. None of which were to sell any services, but I wanted to give it a go this time. 

This site will be used mainly as an advertiser for my work and portfolio, it will be a hub for my socials and a way for people to get to know me. I hope that you can join me on my journey!

What's this site for?

A short summary of what I plan for the future of this website...

My Services

The first select jobs I will be available for are listed below

Logo development

Assistance with creating / developing your logo.


I will design your very own website and have it fully set up.

Video editing

Send me your footage and I will return it edited the way you want.

discord server

Have me make you an advanced Discord server fitted with moderation bots.